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Name: Hydraulic Cylinder (General Application)
Model: P000020
Products Brief: Cylinder for General Application

With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing cylinder assembly, we would offer you professional products with utmost quality. All cylinder tubes are honed and imported seals are used for quality assurance.

We can design and produce cylinder upon customers specific request.

Cylinder For General Application
Tie-Bar Hydraulic Cylinder

Working Pressure: 14MPa ~ 21MPa

Diameter for Tube: 40mm ~ 200mm

Diameter for Rode: 22.4mm ~ 110mm


The design of Tie-Bar Cylinders is based on JIS standard and they are widely applied to genreal industrial machinery. 



Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

Working Pressure: 21MPa ~ 32Mpa

Diameter for Tube: 100mm ~360 mm

Diameter for Rod: 70mm ~ 250mm


The design of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders is based on Germany standard. They could be used in metallurgy and mining machineries.



Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Working Pressure: 14Mpa ~ 21Mpa

Diameter for Tube: 40mm ~ 300mm

Diameter for Rod: 20mm ~ 220mm


This type of cylinders could be designed and manufactured specifically for our customers. They could be applied to general hydraulic system of industrial and construction machineries and special vehicles.

* Manufacturer reserves the right to alter or amend the design, model and specification without prior notice.

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